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Sale: Spring Cleaning!

It's March now and you may have noticed the air starting to become a little less dense. Those morning jogs aren't as frosty, the flowers you wish you knew the names of are budding too, and you swear Edvard Grieg's "Morning" plays in the background just about everywhere you go.

The seasonal changes are coming, folks. With them also comes some changes at Boston General Store as well. Don't worry nothing too drastic. 

The upcoming spring season, and subsequent warm weather, brings with it some great opportunities to carry exciting new products from makers we haven't worked with before - which you'll hear about later. But before we can bring any new lines into the store, we're a little red-faced to say we just don't have the space to fit it all. A little spring cleaning is in order! 

The team thought long and hard and we figured one of the better ways for us to clean house was to have a SALE.

For the devotees out there, don't fret we're not permanently phasing out any makers for brighter, shinier, more handsome makers. It's just that trying to sell a scarf to a New Englander in the spring is like trying to empty the ocean with a thimble.  Make sure to head to our website or visit the shop to say hi and check out everything we've marked down.

Quickly, on to more exciting things.

Remember all that extra space I talked about us wanting so badly? Well, we're not going to waste it.

In the past week, we've brought in some really amazing goods from a lot of new companies, like a line of hand-forged garden tools from Fisher Blacksmithing - an oustanding small maker from Bozeman, Montana - and a huge collection of great wares from New England natives, Zoe and James Zillian, over at Farmhouse Pottery.  

Lastly, if you're doing some spring cleaning yourself, don't forget about our plant-based, biodegradable Common Good cleaning products! 

Happy Spring, everyone. 

photo credits: Catalogue, Fisher Blacksmithing

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