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Boston General Store was grown from a passion for the long lasting and the well made. We strive to put a focus back on the world of craftsmanship - to celebrate the maker and the goods they make.

NEW! French Hemp Footwear

We’ve recently added a line of fun and functional waterproof footwear from French brand Plasticana. Available in three unisex styles — a Wellington boot, a garden clog, and a jelly sandal — the shoes get their beautiful flecked caramel color from hemp that’s blended with recycled plastic. With a range of sizes for the whole family, you’re sure to find a pair (or two!) for adventures in the garden and beyond!

Office Club Subscription

Do you pause excitedly in the moment before pen meets paper, when writing in a journal for the first time? 

Have you ever held a new pencil up to your nose like a cigar to inhale the exquisite aromas of graphite and wood? 

Do you relish the satisfying click of a retractable pen? Or shake boxes of paperclips like tiny maracas? 


Boston General Store was created as a tribute to our founder’s Nanna, who had a passion for all things well made and a dedication to using and reusing things as long as humanly possible. We were founded on the principle that not everything has to be disposable and that high-quality goods built to last a lifetime still exist. In the spirit of Nanna, we aim to purvey functional products crafted by makers from around the world who share that same dedication for moving past our generation of disposability. Just as traditional general stores of years past did, we hope to develop a deep connection with the communities we serve.

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