Who We Are

The Boston General Store Team

April Gabriel

Hometown: Houston, TX
Favorite Weekend Activity: Gardening, reading, searching for vintage or just spending time with my husband and baby.
Favorite Food: Sushi or donuts or ramen or ice cream...heck I don't know
Favorite Drink: Coffee in the am and wine in the pm
What April does at BGS: Find new products and projects for the shop and a little bit of everything else
Fun Fact: I have a weird fascination with abandoned homes. I want to save them all (and i've done a bit of breaking and entering).

Michelle Coate
Creative Director

Hometown: Pembroke, MA
Favorite Weekend Activity: Anything that involves making things with my hands. Making ceramics, metal-smithing, sewing, cooking..
Favorite Food: Fish Tacos
Favorite Cocktail: Anything with tequila and preferably a bit of heat
What Michelle does at BGS:A little bit of everything with a focus on the creative side of things, i.e. photography, design, display, marketing, etc. 
Fun Fact: When I brush out my hair I look like Hagrid.

Kyle Roldan
Brookline Manager and Product Research  

Hometown: Chelsea, MA
Favorite Weekend Activity: Flea Market Hopping
Favorite Food: Burritos
Favorite Cocktail: Beer
What Kyle does at BGS: "I look after the shop"
Fun Fact: I love Cheers

Renée Loeckler
Content Editor

Hometown: Salem, MA
Favorite Weekend Activity: Eating out, redecorating, reading
Favorite Food: Lobster Roll, preferably eaten by the ocean
Favorite Beverage: Anything with lime (gimlets, daiquiris, margaritas...)
What Renée does at BGS: I write copy and create content for the website.
Fun Fact: Despite our chummy pose and obvious chemistry, the armadillo and I had never met before this photo was taken!

Ashlee Cooper
Dedham Manager

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Favorite Weekend Activity: Brunch, yoga & documentaries
Favorite Food: A good cheese & charcuterie board 
Favorite Beverage: Peppermint latte
What Ashlee does at BGS: A little bit of everything but I really enjoy getting to know the customers (and their dogs!) and helping them pick out gifts for their loved ones.
Fun Fact: My whole family has red hair! 


Emma Rose Bauman

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Favorite Weekend Activity: Tending to my plants or jamming with friends!
Favorite Food: Anything deep fried and vegan
Favorite Beverage: La Croix
What Emma does at BGS: I talk to customers about soap for as long as they're willing!
Fun Fact: I'm a proud Lithuanian folk dancer

Olive Gabriel
Shop Dog


Hometown: Dedham, MA
Favorite Weekend Activity: Catching up on ZZZZ's
Favorite Food: Blocks of manchego cheese
Favorite Cocktail: Kibble infused water
What Olive does at BGS: "I greet customers and demand attention...woof"
Fun Fact: "My new favorite person is baby Able" 

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