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Opened in 2013, Boston General Store began as a small online retailer, established as a venue for promoting products in my spare time that were created simply but made to last a lifetime. The shop also allowed me the opportunity to pay tribute to one the person who taught me that not everything had to be disposable; my Nanna.

My childhood was marked by unforgettable summers spent in the Berkshires with Nanna. She was a strong, seemingly magical, woman who revealed to me the value of life's simple pleasures. The most gratifying days spent with her were when we waded through raspberry bushes, wearing the same old, tattered chambrays we used every year, filling mason jars connected at the waist with fruit. We picked until our hands were smudged red and we couldn't carry anymore. Equally lasting are the memories of the pots and pans we used to make the jam in her perfectly laid out kitchen later in the day. These were pots and pans she had my entire life and some of which still exist in my mother's kitchen today.         




The goal of Boston General Store is to capture that spirit of how my grandmother lived, by purveying functional, high-quality goods, crafted by makers from around the world who share the same dedication for moving passed the generation of disposability. 

Just as traditional general stores of years passed did, I also hope to develop a connection with the communities we serve. These traits once played large roles in places like the Western Massachusetts town my grandparents built their families in, but today have all but disappeared.

Boston General Store aims to bring them back.



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