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Work Hard, Live Well: A Scrappy Entrepreneur

In a world driven by big business, big banks - virtually big everything - small business owners have to be ready to fight to survive. By that very nature then, I believe this special community of shopkeepers, proprietors, makers and more can be aptly described as "scrappy"; defined by Websters as having an "aggressive and determined spirit”.

When I first met Travis Weaver from Manready Mercantile, scrappy is exactly the term that came to my mind. He started the company in 2012 to prove it doesn't matter where you come from and that you can start a business from nothing. He grew up in a small west Texas town where people didn't have much but cherished the things they had, and as a result, today Manready Mercantile stands behind well-made goods that carry stories as deep as the maker’s roots and invites customers to build their own story through the use and interaction of those goods. From hustling homemade candles door to door in their inaugural year to opening a flagship store in 2014, Manready Mercantile exists to serve hardworking folks with quality products from around the country.

Travis Weaver- Manready Mercantile

Pantry lines consisting of whiskey-soaked beef jerky, handmade items such as unisex leather bags, brass and silver jewelry, glassware, small batch denim, and U.S. made boots are just a glimpse of the Houston brand's offerings. What's even more exciting is that they're sure to reach sights unseen in the years to come.

Travis tells me their typical days include staff meetings, new product development overview, managing retailers and reorders, communicating with the accountant, and of course, making sure the shop is in 100% working order. The staff at MM has grown in recent years, but that's because it takes a lot of work to make sure everything is run flawlessly.



The most rewarding part of my relationship with Manready Mercantile is knowing only high-quality goods are offered to valued patrons and that I'm bringing you the best of what’s out there when I carry their lines in Boston General Store. There are no corners cut or exceptions made. They also accomplish this all while dealing with the extraordinary challenge of overseeing all of the brands and retailers that the team works with. Manready has 138 manufacturers currently in the shop and wholesales to over a hundred retailers around the world. Needless to say, it’s a lot to manage!


Travis, and the MM outfit, strive to be a driving force in proving that anybody can achieve their dreams if they work hard, honest, smart, and also, with the community.

The American Dream still exists…Manready Mercantile is proof! You can check out some of what they're creating at our online shop

Work hard, live well."

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