Just about a year ago, when the Boston General Store was opening in Brookline's Coolidge Corner, there was a certain sense of uncertainty during the shop's inaugural days. Long nights of restlessness rotated like the Earth eventually turning into long days of distracted deliberation.

It wasn't that we grew skeptical of our vision. The ideal that folks needed an outlet to buy honest, well-made, long-lasting products is what drove us to expand from an unassuming online store, and it hadn't faltered in any way.

With the cost of disposable shaving products steadily rising while their quality continues to be cut down, why not consider switching to a long-lasting alternative? 

In this blog, we introduce readers to the safety razor, a money-saving throwback razor made of stainless steel that your fathers and grandfathers once used. 


You're probably asking "What are fleur spiced shortcakes!?" Well, I willTELL you!

They are shortcakes mixed with a flower-filled spice blend of pink pepper, hibiscus, lavender & rose made by Curio Spice Co's Fleur Spice from Boston General Store.

Join the talented ladies behind blogs Bread + Barrow and Betty Liu for an immersive 4-day food photography and styling retreat in gorgeous, iconic Martha’s Vineyard this May. 

Workshop attendees will spend four nights in a beautifully renovated 19th century Victorian beach house and dive into photography from the onset. There will be picnics by the beach, a visit to an oyster farm, lessons on how to shuck, and a chance to try your hand at quahogging.

It's March now and you may have noticed the air starting to become a little less dense. Those morning jogs aren't as frosty, the flowers you wish you knew the names of are budding too, and you swear Edvard Grieg's "Morning" plays in the background just about everywhere you go.

The seasonal changes are coming, folks. With them also comes some changes at Boston General Store as well. Don't worry nothing too drastic. 

In a world driven by big business, big banks - virtually big everything - small business owners have to be ready to fight to survive. By that very nature then, I believe this special community of shopkeepers, proprietors, makers and more can be aptly described as "scrappy"; defined by Websters as having an "aggressive and determined spirit”.

The French have this saying, "Impossible n'est pas français." It literally means "Impossible isn't French." 

It's equal parts patriotic and whimsical and folklore helps to explain the proverb, stating the word simply doesn't exist within the French language. Napolean too claimed not to understand what it meant when, during a battle with the Spanish, his soldiers explained to him that it was "impossible" for them to overtake an enemy artillery unit.  

Who knows if any of this is true? You should really check with your friendly neighborhood Francophile to confirm. 

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