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Meet the Maker: McNutt of Donegal


"Hand weaving is a tradition so old that it has no calculable starting point. In Donegal it is a hereditary skill that has passed from father to son over many centuries. It is one of the few survivors of ancient craft, which now serves the modern world.

Originally the crafter’s wife made brews of moss and lichen into which to dip and dye the pure new wool from the household sheep, blends of color were created and spun to echo their hillside environment. The husband would then weave the unique family product into cloth to be sold at the tweed market" -Donegal Town


Fast forward to modern day and this Donegal tradition is still taking place. We find ourselves still looking for ways to keep warm and cozy no matter the time of year. Whether it be nestling up by the fire, wrapping up in bed, or spending a day out in the park enjoying a nice picnic, we can always use a blanket. 

McNutt of Donegal Wool Blankets

McNutt is a family owned company located on the seaside village of Downings, on Donegal's Wild Atlantic way. Donegal is one of the most beautiful towns in all of Ireland, filled with breathtaking views of wild landscapes and gorgeous coastlines. Every part of this area feels like an escape to a new world. McNutt of Donegal has been based in this part of Ireland for over 60 years and continues to produce some of the best weaves that we've ever seen.


All of their blankets and other products are designed in-house by their dedicated team of talented designers who are continuously inspired by the rugged coastline and nature surrounding them.

Tradition with a Timeless Design

McNutt of Donegal was founded in 1953 and has only grown since then. They got their start designing Aer Lingus uniforms in the 1960s and in the early 70s the company moved away from hand-weaving their products in favor of power looms. This helped the company expand into what they are today. 


Their blankets have a style that is a blend of modern Irish and Scandinavian aesthetics, visible in a mixture of solid bright colors, premium fabrics, and classic neutral colors. As mentioned before, their inspiration is taken from the landscapes surrounding the beautiful town of Donegal. Their brighter colored blankets are inspired by the captivating Northern Lights that paint the skies in Donegal, while the more muted and neutral colors are derived from the coast line. 

Every single blanket is made using only the highest quality wool and the finest local craftsmanship. Each blanket is unique and woven with 100% pure sheep's wool.

These blankets are available in both of our locations (Dedham and Coolidge Corner) as well as the online store, so come on down to get a feel for how comfy and cozy they are. 

Comment below if you have any questions about these blankets, or if you have one let us know what you think. And don't forget to follow us on all of our social media!

Stay Warm,

- The Boston General Store Team

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