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Create a Workspace You Enjoy Working In

For many of us, the last few months have seen shifts in the way we work and study. We have gone from workplaces bustling with employees and classrooms full of students to more solitary experiences: working remotely from home offices or else working and schooling in spaces that are shared, but in a socially distant way.

With more time spent at our desks, whether they are in a home office, cubicle, or dorm room, we have an opportunity to create spaces that we look forward to spending time in day after day.

One of our guiding principles here at Boston General Store is to offer quality products that are made to last, and nowhere is this more evident than in our selection of office supplies. We have desktop accessories, writing utensils, and notebooks that are not only made with quality and functionality in mind but which are beautifully designed and fun to look at as well.

Some of our favorite desktop essentials are these colorful staplers by Ellepi. Made in Italy of enamel-coated metal, they combine classic styling with exceptional durability. Having the right tools in any workspace is essential. Investing in a well-made tool ensures that when you reach for it you can be sure it’s going to work every time. Ellepi staplers feature a patented anti-jamming device, can staple up to 16 sheets of paper, and are easy to fill.

Having a supply of pens and pencils close at hand and a good notepad nearby means that when ideas or inspiration come to mind, you are ready to jot them down. Take a look at our collection of writing utensils. We have so many good ones! There are Blackwing pencils, refillable ballpoint pens by Delfonics and Ohto, fun color-block pens and pencils, as well as more standard stock: boxes of HB and No.2 pencils, sturdy erasers, and colored pencils for your more artistic endeavors. And even the most discerning of stationary snobs (we consider ourselves among those ranks) will find something they like in our collection of notebooks and stationary

Office Essentials

Time management is important when we are working. Sure, we all have smartphones with clocks, reminders, and alarms. But we feel there is something to be said for the endearing quality of a stylish but unobtrusive desk clock and as such, we believe The Fred Clock by British lifestyle brand Newgate makes a handsome addition to any desktop.

Since we’re spending so much time in our workspaces, let’s not forget to make them enjoyable places to be. A lightly scented candle, a secret stash of a favorite snack, or maybe even a book to flip through when you need a brain break can go a long way toward adding a little hygge to your space.

Office Supplies

We offer one final thought. While we here at BGS can hook you up with all manner of practical and tasteful office necessities, don’t forget to include in your space those things which cannot be bought in stores. These are the things that remind us of why we work. It’s the river rock paper weight that you collected on a memorable hike with friends. It’s a hand-thrown mug gifted to you by a creative friend. It’s a photo of your beloved pet. Whatever it is that helps you feel a connectedness to your life outside of work or school, be sure to include it in your workspace too. For as a wise woman once said,

“Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

-Dolly Parton

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