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Flores Bajawa Ngura Coffee Beans

BGS has a new bean to introduce...The Flores Bajawa Ngura! Our roaster Flat Back out of Dorchester, Ma gives us a brief history on how this bean became so special.

"Until 2005, all the coffee in Flores was dry-processed, blended and sold to exporters as Flores DP- the cherries were simply dried on the ground and the farmer would only receive 30 or 40 cents per pound for the stuff. Without any financial incentive, the quality of this coffee was extremely low. However, in 2005, with $40,000 from the ICCRI and spearheaded by a man named Sirup, the two farmer groups (Fa Masa and Suka Maju) began processing the coffee, using a new, fully-washed method. And 2 years later, 5 more farmer groups have decided to undertake wet-processing and all seven groups are now certified organic through the Control Union Certification. This specific group of cooperatives produces two different coffees- The Bajawa Ngura this is wet-hulled (Ngura means wet-hulled in the Bajawa language), and the AWP-1, which is fully washed."

-Flat Black Roasters

Here is an image from Tropenmuseum of the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) showing a man and child standing between coffee and/or tea trees of a plantation, Dutch East Indies, 1870-1900.


Jump to Boston General Storeto purchase your 1/2 lb. bag of Flores Bajawa Ngura beans.


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