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Found My Animal...Woof!

As many of my friends and family know we recently added a new member to our family. Everyone meet Olive!

After a few weeks with Olive I started to see how much dog junk there was out there. Most of the items I find in the shop are poorly made and look fairly goofy to be honest. Why can't my dog embrace the same design standards as me? (I know I'm crazy....I've accepted it) So I found a really great company called Found My Animal. 

Their leashes are hand-spliced to withstand thousands of pounds of pull with the ends then "whipped" (an old nautical term) for additional durability. All the accessories are made in the USA, handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY. The marine grade rope ages nicely and gets better with age. Olive loves to bite at the rope and walk herself and this is the first leash that holds up to her abuse.


The adjustable solid o-rings and clips (marine grade hardware) on our adjustable FOUND leashes allow it to be used in any of the following ways:

  • As a simple hand-held leash of variable lengths
  • To clip to your animal to a fence, tree or post
  • Around your waist, freeing up your hands
  • Over your shoulder, across your chest

I try to bring Olive around with me everywhere so all these options allow for her and I to adjust easily.



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