Sakura Wood Nib Holder

A nib holder crafted from Japanese cherry. Used along with a nib and fountain pen ink, the holder creates a dip pen suitable for fine writing or illustration. Designed to universal specifications to fit most standard nibs, the Sakura Wood Nib Holder works especially nicely with Kakimori's metal nibs.

Materials: Japanese cherry (stem), plastic (nib mount)

Made by: Kakimori

Made in: Japan

Specifications: 7" long

Due to the nature of the material and treatment, grain and color will vary between pieces.


  • If marked with ink, wipe clean with a soft cloth.
  • When removing the nib from the nib holder, gently pull it out while turning to avoid dislodging the nib mount.
  • After rinsing, shake well in a downward motion to remove any water or ink from the nib mount before inserting a nib.

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