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Pen Nib

A stainless steel nib recommended for use with a nib holder and bottled ink. Together, they allow the user to experience the unique feel and "slow" art of writing with a dip pen. 

Materials: stainless steel with an iridium point

Made by: Kakimori

Made in: Japan

Specifications: 1.375" long

Shaft/nib holder and ink are sold separately here

Use: For instructions on using a dip pen, take a look at this guide on the Kakimori website. 

Care: If the ink that accumulates on the pen tip dries, it will be difficult to remove. Be sure to wash it with water and dry gently after each use. 

Further Reading: Kakimori seeks to nurture a community of people who take genuine pleasure in expressing themselves through the simple act of writing with thoughtfully made dip pens, inks, notebooks, and papers.

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