Coffee Maker


The Chemex coffee maker was created in 1939 by famed inventor Peter J. Schlumbohm. Applying his knowledge of filtration and extraction, Mr. Schlumbohm was able to craft the vessel that would pour the perfect cup of coffee. The angles of the drip, thickness of the filter paper and the air vent chamber allow coffee to brew in a specified time and release gases that are usually trapped in by other brewing methods. This results in a smooth, bitter-free cup in less than four minutes.

Materials: Laboratory heatproof borosilicate glass, a polished wood collar and leather tie

Made by: Chemex Coffeemakers

Made in: Massachusetts, USA

Specifications: 6 cups/30 oz., Height: 8 1/2" and Diameter: 5 1/8

Further Reading: Over the years, these items have been recognized as outstanding examples of American Design. In 1956, the coffeemaker was selected by the Illinois Institute of Technology as one of the best-designed items of modern times and it was the only coffeemaker so designated. The coffeemaker and the water kettle are in the permanent collections of museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Smithsonian, the Philadelphia Museum and the Corning Museum located in Corning, NY. The coffeemaker completed a traveling exhibition tour of a number of countries in eastern Europe as part of the "United States Information Agency's Design in America Exhibition." In the fall of 1989, it toured with the "Design, USA" exhibition to the former USSR.


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