Chemex Coffee Filters


LIMIT 2 PER PERSON due to filter shortage.

The best coffee starts with a perfect filter. Chemex cone-shaped, coffee filters are made for their iconic pour over coffee maker in Massachusetts. Crafted with specialty fiber that's thicker than competitor brands to keep sediment, coffee grinds and other bitter elements out.  These well-designed, bonded filter squares will fit most other cone-shaped coffee makers. 

Available in Natural (unbleached) as well as Half Moon (for Chemex 3 Cup Coffee Maker)


Made by: Chemex Coffeemakers

Made in: Massachusetts, USA

Specifications: 100 Filters per box

*Oxygen cleansing is a bleach-free process, ensuring no chemical residue or taste is imparted to the filter. Fits all Chemex Coffeemakers except CM-1, CM-1C and CM-1GH.*


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