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New Year, New General Store

There comes a moment when keeping good news to yourself is impossible. And because we're ready to burst at the seams, literally and figuratively, we'll cut to the chase.

Boston General Store is growing.

Yes, this is our official announcement that we'll be opening a second permanent home in Dedham next month, made possible after a first-year success that wouldn't have happened without help from a lot of people. 

As most of our friends and supporters know, we operated a pop-up shop in Legacy Place this past fall and into the holiday season, and the experience was great. The people at Legacy were really supportive of the store, so a lot of gratitude is owed to them. The rest of the thanks goes to those mentioned first – our friends and supporters. We open the shop's doors every day, but that wouldn't mean much if it weren't for you. Some of you support us from a afar, through the website and social media, and others support us in person. No matter what group you're in just know that your presence is felt and appreciated every day.


Rich in History

When we were searching for a new location, there were a few places we could envision a second Boston General Store fitting into. Ultimately, it made sense for us to stay where we already called home. Dedham is where the store was born when it began as a small operation running out of a home dining room and technically where its "headquarters" still exist today. And after all the encouragement we received from locals during the pop up, it was an easy decision not to leave town.

For anyone who doesn't know much about Dedham, it's located southwest of the city, bordering the Boston neighborhoods of Roslindale and Hyde Park. It was founded in 1635 after two new towns were established when populations began to rise in the colonies. Dedham was known as a uniquely peaceful place in those formative years due to an agreement signed by everyone who would settle there which helped to create a collective sense of development within the community. The town later became a haven for industry in Massachusetts, with makers producing an impressive range of goods from everything like brushes and shovels to notebooks and tinware.

Dedham's distinctive qualities don't end there though – the town is home to the oldest surviving timber-frame home in North America (the Fairbanks House, built in 1637) as well as The Society for Apprehending Horse Thieves, a group established in 1810 that still exists today, meeting once every year “just in case.”

As for the actual location, it's a larger space than we've been used to in the past – which is a good thing. It's furnished with a beautiful antique tin-tiled ceiling, lots of natural light and tons of charm.

Odd Fellows Hall | Boston General Store Dedham


The property is in a historic building in Dedham Center owned by the The Odd Fellows, a centuries old co-ed, fraternal order dedicated to promoting charity and the Golden Rule. They bought the building over one-hundred years ago so we're hopeful they don't have any demolition plans set in the near future.


Community Support, From Within

This is an exciting time for the team because the second shop is tangible proof of the hard work we've put in. But it also provides the opportunity for us to expand the vision of what Boston General Store can do for the communities it serves.

We always try to put focus on the people who craft the products we sell (not just the products themselves), because we believe that getting to know makers is important. One of the challenges we've discovered that small artisans face is actually finding a place to craft their goods. So, as a way to take our commitment to them one step further, we're happy to also announce that we're dedicating a portion of the new store in Dedham as a workshop space for one local maker, Brother's Artisan Oil, to begin manufacturing all of their goods.

Folks local to the Boston area know Brother's Artisan Oil has a really great collection of natural beard oils and grooming products. They also recently expanded their offerings to include body wash, room spray and moisturizers. The Brother's team represents everything we admire in the world of craftsmanship and we're looking forward to the future of working with them. It's our hope that embracing the same spirit of collaboration that helped build Dedham three-hundred years ago will make us a valuable part of the community for many years to come. 

The new possibilities being created as a result of this second shop don't end there though and we can't wait to unveil more in the near future, so stay tuned. 

Thank you again for all of your support and we'll see you soon at the new space!

- The Boston General Store Team

 Boston General Store - Dedham is located at 626 High Street, Dedham, MA 02026. The official grand opening date is set for February 11, 2017, so make sure to stop by to say hi and check out the new space. 


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2 Responses

Lynda Banerjee

Lynda Banerjee

January 31, 2017

Congrats on the new store – I will be there often and make sure to tell my friends.

Amy Beckwith

Amy Beckwith

January 31, 2017

So so happy for you and for all of us who love what you’re doing! Dedham Square is an ideal location for BGS and a win for everyone.
Congratulations on your well-deserved success and growth!

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