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Spring “Staff” Picks: Our Pets Reveal Their Favorite BGS Products

It’s spring, y’all! Longer days and warmer weather mean more opportunities to get outside and play in the sunshine. We are crazy for spring around here, and equally as excited for the change of season are our pets! 

The Dogs of Boston General Store are super stoked for spring and all the fun things it brings. They love nice long walks, trips to the dog park, and chasing critters. And did we mention the mud? Oh, the mud! It feels so good daubed on curious snouts and squished into paws. 

Not to be forgotten (although they’d tell you that they’re ambivalent if they could) are our favorite feline friends. The longer days of spring bring deliciously warm sunbeams to their favorite windowsill perches.

When they’re not basking in the glories of spring, our beloved pets moonlight as product testers here at BGS, and they’re serious when it comes to picking the very best toys and treats for our Pet collection. 

We asked them for their picks for the best pet products in our shops, and here’s what they had to say:



Polkadog Bakery Codskin Jerky and Luck of Tuck Oregano Dog Bandana

I love Codskin Jerky  because it has a satisfying crunch and it really scratches the itch when I have a craving for something savory. I like that it's made right here in Boston because I think it's important to eat local. I’ve also been wearing my Luck of Tuck Bandana  quite a bit lately. It’s very comfy and it’s the perfect accessory for spring. 


W I N N I E   P. 

P.L.A.Y. Prickly Pup Cactus Dog Toy

One of my personal favorite products is the Prickly Pup Cactus Toy by P.L.A.Y. Underneath the super soft plush exterior are all kinds of fun things like crinkle, a squeaker, and hidden ropes. I pride myself on being able to tear up plush toys in, like, record time. But this toy can stand up to a little more chewing since it’s really well made.


J U N O 

Harry Barker Tug and Toss Rope Toy

Sometimes I feel like playing fetch, and sometimes I feel like playing tug-o-war. I like this rope toy  because it does both! I can get pretty rough when I play, but this toy seems to be taking it like a champ. It’s good & rugged, like me! 


W I N N I E  C.

Fab Dog Bacon Toy

The Fab Dog Bacon Toy is my favorite BGS product. Besides the fact that it looks like bacon (BACON!), it makes a really satisfying crinkle sound that’s like ASMR for me. The three individual strips are also a good size because I prefer a smaller toy.



Harry Barker No. 2 Pet Waste Bags

I don’t really “play”. I’ll leave that for the dogs. However, I have certain standards when it comes to cleanliness and these No. 2 Pet Waste Bags  seem to keep the litter box tidied up to my liking. They are also biodegradable, which is nice because I think it’s important to do our part to keep the planet clean, much like my litter box.

So there you have it. Our beloved product testers have bestowed their “two paws up” seal of approval on these fine products. We hope you’ll bring your own pup to one of our shops to peruse our selection! Or else shop with us online, so your feline friend can curl up literally on your keyboard as you shop from the comfort of home. You can view our full collection here.

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