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Introducing Atoma Notebooks

What is Atoma? 

The Atoma notebook is a unique and customizable ring-bound system that allows you to add and remove pages with ease. With Atoma, you can leave plasticky, finger-pinching 3-ring binders in your distant past and bid farewell to spiral-bound notebooks that sprinkle their effusive confetti whenever you tear out a page.
Each Atoma notebook consists of front and back cover pages, inner pages, and separate rings that bind everything together. The pages are perforated in such a way that they can be added to and removed from the ring binding system without needing to tear the page or open clips. 
You can easily swap the order of pages or move pages between notebooks. The rings allow the notebook to be opened perfectly flat, and the cover can be opened 360 degrees to save space on your desk. 

An  Elégant Solution

We chose Atoma’s “Elégant” line for Boston General Store because it pairs matte black cardboard covers with silver-toned aluminum rings for a notebook that is versatile and practical. The notebooks come in three sizes — A6, A5, and A4 — and each size is offered with either blank, ruled, or grid pages. 

Some Accessories

A number of accessories complement the basic notebooks. Refills come in all three sizes and page types (blank, ruled, and grid). Pages can be removed easily en masse and recycled, making this notebook system a more sustainable alternative to traditional spiral-bound notebooks, which are hard to recycle.
The Atoma Hole Puncher is a must-have investment piece for anyone who wants to truly commit to the Atoma system as it allows you to perforate just about anything to fit within your Atoma notebook. Meeting handouts, pages from a sketchbook, and printed forms can all be incorporated into your notebook with ease using the Atoma Paper Punch.
We also offer aluminum rings. Purchase a single ring as a replacement for one that’s gone missing. Or else purchase a set and create a custom Atoma notebook from scratch! 


Rounding out our Atoma range is the Pur leather notebook. The Pur joins other leather-bound notebooks like the Traveler’s Notebooks and the Le Kraft Leather Journal in our selection of premium refillable notebooks designed for a lifetime of use. 
Pur comes with an A5 lined refill. Like the standard Atoma notebook, rings and refills are removable and interchangeable. The smooth, natural colored leather will take on a patina as it ages. A flap closure, pen loop, and inner pockets add functionality to this handsome notebook-meets-folio. 

See It In Action

Take a look at the many features that make Atoma a truly unique and functional tool for everyday living. 

Experience Atoma for Yourself

We love a product that stands out as an exemplar of good design and the Atoma Notebook certainly meets that description. Explore our selection of Atoma products and see for yourself why this notebook is becoming a fast favorite around the BGS offices! 


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