Men's Wool Fair Isle Socks

A modern twist on the classic Fair Isle look, the Wool Fair Isle is a novelty sock knit from a luxurious wool & viscose blend. The snowflakes in the footbed and antlered cold weather fauna along the calf will keep your feet festive for the full season - and with just enough nylon, they'll stay sturdy for years, in boots, sneakers, or slipping around the house. 

Materials: 30% wool, 24% nylon, 19% polyamide, 19% viscose, 8% cashmere

Made by: American Trench

Made in: North Carolina, USA

Specifications:Universal Fit (US Mens Sizes 8.5-11.5)

Care: machine wash cold delicate, air dry

Further Reading: American Trench's socks are knit in the Hickory region of North Carolina at a family owned knitting mill operating at the same location for over thirty years. The Hickory region has been a concentrated center for hosiery knitting mills, yarn spinning companies, and dye houses stretching back to the 1930s and 40s.

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