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Wool Dish Drying Mat with Linen Sleeve

Bring the simplicity of nature’s beauty into your home with the world’s most ancient fibers - wool & linen. Used for thousands of years, these “super” fibers naturally resist mold and mildew, are highly absorbent, and eliminate the need for using synthetics and plastics around your sink area.

This all-natural, 100% wool dish drying mat was created in 2013 on Pozzi Ranch, a sheep ranch in the coastal region of Northern California, in an effort to support the American wool industry. It is Sonoma Wool Company's most popular product, and for good reason! 

The drying mat is eco-friendly, durable enough to withstand years of use, and is made with all-natural, sustainable, and biodegradable fibers. The wool used is from family-owned ranches across the country, and the mats are handcrafted in the USA using no chemicals or synthetics. 

What makes wool the best material?

  • 100% natural - no dyes
  • absorbs up to 30% of its own weight in moisture
  • naturally resists mold and mildew*

Materials:  wool and linen

Made by:  Sonoma Wool Company

Made in:  The wool mat is made in the USA. The linen sleeve is made for Sonoma Wool Company in India, close to the source where flax is grown and where linen fabric is made. 

Specifications:  16" x 20" x 3/8"

Wool works best at its most natural, so Sonoma Wool Co. chooses to wash their Wool with biodegradable soap and they never use chemicals or synthetics. Because their Wool is not carbonized, you may see bits of residual vegetation in this products and color may vary.

Care:  Wool is naturally mold and mildew resistant.  This is because of its unique molecular structure allowing air to pass through its fibers.  However, if it remains saturated for any length of time, wool, just like any material, may get moldy.  The Dish Drying Mat needs to fully dry between uses, which will naturally occur when kept on counter. If your wool dish drying mat is heavily used to the point of saturation, hang the mat between uses to increase air flow. If needed, your mat may be spot cleaned with a mild soap in tepid water. Dry flat. Do not machine wash. Linen sleeve may be machine washed and air-drying is recommended to maximize its lifetime.

Further Reading:  You can read more about how your purchase is supporting the American wool industry on Sonoma Wool Comany's website

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