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Vintage Pencil Bouquet

When our love for vintage finds intersects with our enthusiasm for unique writing utensils, we find things like this eclectic collection of pencils that we are nerdily excited to share with you.

Bundled into neat little bouquets, these vintage pencils have stories to tell. As we drool over their perfectly sharpened points, we like to imagine how each one came into use. Was it a promotional item, a favor in a goody bag, or was it strictly utilitarian? Who sharpened the pencil for the first time, and did they keep it in a tidy pencil cup or at the bottom of a cluttered school backpack? We ponder the many doodles, essays, and love notes that were scratched onto paper with its graphite or hastily dispatched with its eraser. 

A few of them seem unblemished, just waiting to be used. Others bear the quirky marks of their users (bite marks and worn-away erasers included). All are sharpened into a satisfying point and bundled in bouquets of twelve. We offer bouquets of regular(ish) length and shorties — for those of you who appreciate the satisfaction of using a pencil until it sharpens down to "golf pencil" size. We get it — they're stubby and cute. 

Curated by: Boston General Store

Specifications: Sizes may vary, lead could be colored or gray, erasers may be pristine or non-existent . . . you get the idea. We'll send you a dozen unique pencils per bouquet and they'll all be neatly sharpened into a ready-to-use point.  

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