Traveler's Passport Notebook Refill Dot Grid - 014

A notebook refill designed to fit the Traveler’s Passport Notebook. This refill features small dots in 5mm intervals. The dots are great for writing graphs and boxes or as a guide in writing and illustrating that isn’t obtrusive or in the way.

Buying a new journal is an investment, and it can be difficult to find one notebook that fits all of your needs. Traveler’s leather notebooks are unique because they are made-to-last, refillable journals with a customizable interior, meaning they can be built to your preferences. Over time, your Traveler’s Passport Notebook will replace many single-use planners, notebooks, and folders. 

Note that this refill is for the passport-sized Traveler's Notebook, not the regular-sized Traveler's Notebook. 

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Materials: paper

Made by: Traveler's Company

Made in: Japan 


  • 5" x 3.6"
  • dot grid, 5 x 5mm
  • 64 pages

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