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The Pencil Collection: Vintage Edition

Our Limited Edition Vintage Pencil Collection features a prismatic selection of pencils made in the 1960's to early 00's by some of our favorite European pencil makers. 

Each pack will include seven vintage pencils tucked neatly into a kraft box of our own design and will include an assortment selected from the following classic styles. We will choose for you! 

Viarco 2001 | Portugal - The 2001 pencil features a matte black finish with a hexagonal shape. The H3 lead produces a clean, light line.

Caran D'ache 815 | Switzerland - This rainbow-colored hexagonal pencil features gold engraving, a gold ferrule and a red eraser.

Conté Alaska 1000 | France - Made in the 1960´s, the Alaska 1000 is a hexagonal orange pencil with gold engraving and a dark green cap set off by a crisp, white line. 

Gilbert Indiana 37 | France - The Indiana is a fantastic garnet hexagonal pencil with gold engraving, white line and deep garnet cap. This pencil would have been manufactured in the 1960's by Gilbert. 

Johann Sindel Clase Extra 1205 | Spain - The rounded shape and clear finish of the Clase Extra 1205 allows the grain of the cedar wood to shine in this Spanish pencil that was most likely manufactured in the 1980's. 

Viarco 2004 | Portugal - With its unmistakable design, the 2004 will stand out in your pencil collection. A bright yellow body is offset by black pinstripes and a glossy cap. The B lead produces a clean, moderately dark line. 

Conté Gilbert Criterium 550 | France - Originally made in the 1980's, the Criterium is a hexagonal green pencil with gold engraving and a dark green cap offset by a white line. The HB lead is balanced and suitable for a variety of uses. 

Mentor 2223 | France - A bright red hexagonal pencil with an unfinished cap, the Mentor 2223 features versatile No. 2 lead. 

Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth 1500 - With its camel color, rich brown cap, and gold top, the Hardtmuth 1500 is a handsome writing utensil. The HB lead is a good balance and ideal for a variety of uses. 

Schwan-Stabilo Othello | Germany - Made in 1990's, the Othello 282 features classic Stabilo stripes on a dark green background. The swan logo on the end is a symbol of the Schwan family, who have owned the company since the 1860s.

Curated by: Boston General Store

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