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The Greenest Green

The Greenest Green is a bright, fresh, grassy, and rounded loose leaf green tea from the Kyushu Island in Japan. 

Originally a fruit and vegetable farmer, Toshiro Irie discovered the health-giving qualities of green tea after a bout of ill health. This discovery set him on a path to produce the healthiest green tea he could from his two-hectare plot in Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu Island, Japan. His mission now is to transform the whole of his home town of Kuroki-cho into an organic-only town — a challenging goal given the declining domestic market for green tea. Today, Irie san and his team are teaching a small group of young, motivated producers how to farm organically.

To create sustainable change he needs to prove demand, which is something he can do with your support. "This type of farming will not spread in Japan unless producers in the countryside want to grow without pesticides.  It goes without saying that if there are good sales, more farmers will cooperate."

Materials:  Shiarore Sencha tea

Made by: Toshiro Irie + Comins Tea UK

Origin: Fukuoka prefecture, Kyushu Island, Japan

Specifications:  40g loose tea

Packaging:  The packet and label are both certified as industrial compostable.


  • Use 2.5g of tea leaves for every 200mL (6.8oz) water, heated to 176℉.
  • Steep for 1 minute.
  • up to 4 infusions

Further Reading:  Each of our Comins Tea varieties was selected by fine tea merchants Rob & Michelle Comins from growers and partners who produce delicious and flavorful tea in a way that positively impacts people, nature, and the planet. 

Rob & Michelle have been traveling the world since 2007, meeting and building relationships with dedicated growers to bring you a range of loose- leaf teas that offer an excellent balance of quality and value. They are passionate about fine tea and aim to make enjoying loose leaf tea an everyday pleasure.


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