Slow System Essentials

The Slow System is a flexible collection of tools that aims to elevate your daily rituals. With one system you can make pour-over coffee or press coffee in the morning, brew loose leaf tea or ice-brew coffee in the afternoon, and mix a cocktail at the end of the day. It all centers on the mixing glass—a borosilicate mini-pitcher that can be outfitted with a stainless-steel pour-over dripper and a “no-press” strainer. Pair with Manual's Amber Glass Mugs to complete the set.


  • Mixing Glass: borosilicate glass*

  • Strainer: stainless steel (disassembles for deep cleaning)

  • Dripper: stainless steel

Made by: Manual

Made in:  designed in Chicago, IL; made in China

Specifications:  mixing glass (16 oz (500 ml), 5.1" x ⌀3.5" (130 mm x ⌀88 mm), strainer, dripper

Care Instructions:  all parts are dishwasher safe; regularly disassembling the strainer to hand-clean the parts is recommended

Further Reading: * this borosilicate glass is thicker than average: ~2.5mm wall thickness, with added thickness at the bottom for stability

The Manual Dripper is a stainless steel pour over filter that uses flat-bottomed paper filters. This means a more forgiving process and a more even extraction than what you get with cone-shaped drippers. Coffee aficionados can use Wave-style filters, however small auto-drip filters from your local grocery store work as well—for a more common and inexpensive option. The all steel construction also makes the dripper a durable option for camping or travel.

The traditional French press plunger adds turbulence to your coffee when it presses the grinds—this extra movement means at best a cloudy cup and at worst bitter, overextracted coffee. Inspired by this technique, the No-Press makes full-bodied immersion coffee without the press—simply mix coffee with hot water, wait 5-10 minutes and pour.

The strainer is also designed to be a loose leaf tea brewer—perfect for high quality teas that can be steeped multiple times. Simply add loose leaf tea, steep and pour into a mug.

Stirred cocktail preparation usually happens in heavy glass pitchers with hand-held strainers—this looks great in a bar, but it can be awkward at home. The handle on the Mixing Glass makes stirring and pouring easy and the slide-in strainer eliminates the hand acrobatics.

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