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Sharp: The Definitive Introduction to Knives, Sharpening, and Cutting Techniques, with Recipes from Great Chefs

Sharp is a knife skills class in book form and an introduction to the best knives you can buy from all over the world. From a premier knife purveyor and go-to knives expert, this comprehensive guide details the elements of buying and caring for good knives, including sharpening and knife skills. Step-by-step instructions and photography cover a range of techniques with 15 recipes from great chefs — including Stuart Brioza of State Bird Provisions and Melissa Perello of Frances — which feature all the cuts that mark an accomplished cook. With more than 150 striking photographs of knifemakers, coveted knives, and beautiful food, this is the cookbook, handbook, and visual journey for anyone wanting to hone their skills in the kitchen.

Written by:  Josh Donald of Berenal Cutlery with Molly Gore

Published by: Chronicle Books


  • format: Hardcover
  • pages: 256
  • size: 7.5" x 9"
  • ISBN: 9781452163062

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