7.2 oz. Soy Candles

P.F. Candle Co.

P.F. Candle Co. is owned and operated by wife and husband team Kristen Pumphrey and Thomas Neuberger. Their handmade candles are hand poured, packed and shipped in their Los Angeles studio using 100% U.S. grown soy wax, cotton-core wicked, fine frangrance oils and apothecary inspired packaging. 

Materials: Soy Wax

Made by: P.F Candle Co.

Made in: Los Angeles, USA

Specifications: 7.2 oz.; 2.75" diameter and 3.75" height; Burns clean for 40+ hours

Teakwood & Tobacco - Leather, spicy black pepper, and tobacco mingle as the first notes. The sweetness of pipe tobacco is revealed on the burn. Orange and berry mellow out the masculine notes. Base notes of aged teak and sandalwood, with a hint of muskiness from patchouli essential oil. 

Amber & Moss - Mossy and clean right out of the jar, this fragrance’s base of musk and amber evokes a damp, wooded forest floor layered with soft oak moss. A hint of lavender and an infusion of sage and orange essential oils brighten up this earthy scent.

Campfire - Smoke and pine wood are the first notes you smell, but this fragrance really opens up when you burn it., when a lovely raspberry-vanilla note, reminiscent of a favorite camping pastime (s'mores!!) reveals itself.

Spruce - Our winter woods fragrance. Infused with pine and cedarwood essential oils, this spruce-scented candle smells just like a walk through a patch of dense, snow-powdered forest. 

Fig & Jasmine - Intoxicating fig, apple and fresh lemon are the first to the nose. A mossy base of amber and sandalwood ground the fragrance, rounded out with jasmine and subtle sweet notes of green florals.

Gardenia & Coconut - Notes of gardenia (tiare) petals and warm, buttery coconut mingle to create a relaxing and luxe fragrance. Lighter notes of rose and exotic orchid blossom linger at the base.

Hill Country - A prominent cedar note calls to mind the abundant Mountain Cedar growing in Hill Country, with a base note of yellow rose that lingers in the air. Infused with clary sage & cedarwood essential oils. Notes of white sage & wildflower, earthy and sweet blend seamlessly. 

Neroli & Eucalyptus - This blend pairs minty eucalyptus with floral and herbaceous neroli for an intoxicating and relaxing candle. Sweet notes of honeyed orange blossom take the lead on the burn of this strong candle (it's great for big spaces).

Patchouli & Sweetgrass - Combines the woody, floral musk of patchouli and a green note of sweetgrass. Hints of creamy sandalwood and smoky tobacco appear on the burn. Herbal and light, this unisex scent reminds us of the Southwest plains. 

Sweet Grapefruit - We love a good citrus, especially ripe grapefruit. This grapefruit scent isn't too tart thanks to the leading notes of peach and mangosteen (a fruit that grows on tropical evergreen trees). While it may seem a little sweet out of the jar, we love how this fragrance mellows out on the burn, quickly filling large rooms with warm citrus and fruit notes.

Apple Picking -The fruit notes of this candle are coupled with spicy undertones of cinnamon, nutmeg, orange and cedarwood.

Spiced Pumpkin - Our sophisticated take on this fall classic is rich with ripe pumpkin (fresh from the farmer’s market), creamy butter and brown sugar, with a healthy dose of toasted spices: cinnamon and nutmeg. Burn this and your home will be filled with the scent of fresh out-of-the-oven pumpkin pie.

*For best burning results, we recommend burning for 3-4 hours at a time. Allow the melted wax to reach the edges of the jar to prevent the wax from building up and "tunneling". Never leave a candle burning unattended or within reach of a draft, pets, or small children.*


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