Waxed Canvas Spot Cleaner

Use this all-natural Waxed Canvas Spot Cleaner to safely remove dirt, mud, and stubborn stains from waxed canvas and oilcloth fabrics. The powerful citrus-fortified castile soap cleans without damaging fibers and protective coatings.

Materials: all-natural citrus castile soap

Made by: Otter Wax

Made in: Portland, Oregon

Specifications: 5 oz.


  • Apply a pea-sized amount of soap to the area to be cleaned.
  • Dip cloth or brush into a bowl of warm water and scrub to loosen dirt, stain, etc.
  • Rinse cloth or brush and repeat until stain is removed.
  • Allow area to dry completely before reapplying waxes or oils.

Care: Waxed canvas and oil-cloth fabrics require special care in order to preserve their protective properties and prevent undesirable outcomes such as mold-growth or heavy creasing.

  • Never wash, soak, submerge, or dry-clean waxed/oiled fabrics.
  • Spot-clean only.
  • Always allow fabrics to completely dry before reapplying wax or wax dressings.
  • When stored, waxed garments should always be hung and never folded.
  • Always store waxed garments in a low-humidity, cool, and dry location.

Further Reading: Otter Wax has some great resources on their website for fabric and leather care. Hop on over to their FAQ's for more information!

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