Organic Raw Yuzu Syrup

Yuzu Syrup from Bacanha is an aromatic concentrate of this exceptional citrus fruit from Asia. The aroma is tangy, fruity, and fresh. Raw yuzu syrup can be used in smoothies, cocktails, lemonade, or diluted with still or sparkling water over ice. 

Materials: organic pure cane sugar, water, organic lemon juice concentrate, natural yuzu flavor, natural mandarin flavor, natural lime flavor, organic yuzu juice

Made by: Bacanha

Made in: Paris, France

Specifications: 13.5 oz (400mL) in a recyclable glass bottle

Further Reading: The Bacanha line of organic syrups is made with carefully selected ingredients. Each syrup’s distinct flavor is achieved using natural extracts. You’ll find no synthetic flavors in the ingredients list. Pure organic cane sugar is used for sweetness in lieu of beet sugar. Cane sugar is superior in taste and thus allows the natural flavors to shine. Made in France using artisanal methods, Bacanha syrups are a great alternative to overly sweet and artificial-tasting cocktail and mocktail mixers and syrups. You can find our entire selection of Bacanha syrups here or in the Bar section of our retail stores.

Did you know that mixing your own cocktails is an eco-friendly gesture? Each bottle of Bacanha syrup makes around 20 drinks, meaning it can replace that many single-use drink containers. Check out our complete line of drink-making essentials here.  


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