Old Fashioned Clothes Pegs

My Nanna used wooden clothes pegs like this to hang freshly washed sheets on the line. On sunny summer days, I'd run between the sheets as they dried in the breeze. These Old Fashioned Clothes Pegs are simply and effectively designed, just like hers were. Because they don't use a metal spring, they'll never rust, meaning there's no risk that they'll leave marks on freshly washed laundry. A more sustainable alternative to plastic clothespins, they also wont spend hundreds of years in a landfill, or end up as microplastics in the ocean.

We'll send you 50, in a drawstring cotton bag. The smell of sunshine and fresh air in your laundry comes free. 

Materials: wood, cotton

Made by: Bürstenhaus Redecker

Made in: Poland

Specifications: 50 wooden clothes pegs

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