Marius Fabre

Marseilles Soap Flakes

Eco-friendly soap flakes made with vegetable oils to gently wash all types of laundry, especially delicate fabrics. Free of scent, coloring, and any additives, this soap is 100% natural and biodegradable. Crafted using authentic Marseilles soap standards established in France in the 9th century.

*Marius Fabre soaps are cruelty free - with no testing done on animals* 

Materials: vegetable oils, sodium palmate, sodium palm kernelate, sodium cocoate, water, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide

Made by:Marius Fabre

Made in: France

Specifications: 750 g


Hand washing

Dissolve 1 handful of soap flakes in 2 litres of hot water. Wash and then rinse thoroughly. (Use cold water for woollens).

Machine washing

Dissolve 2 handfuls of soap flakes in 1 litre of very hot water (use a bottle or an old liquid detergent container). Shake well.

Pour a cupful into the washing powder compartment of your washing machine.

You can make your Marseille soap washing liquid in advance so that it's ready when you need it. Simply shake well (until smooth) before use.

Further Reading: Savon de Marseilles, or Marseilles Soap, has been made in France for 600 years. Traditionally green or white, it contains at least 70% vegetable oils, typically a mix of olive, coconut, or palm oils with no animal additives or by products. Authentic Marseilles soap takes weeks to make, beginning with a heating process that lasts more than a week then left to harden. Once solid, the soap is cut and dried in the sun. Only five soap makers in the world today still craft Marseilles soap by these original standards. Marius Fabre prides itself on being one of those remaining makers, crafting their products for over 110 years. Shop our entire collection of Marius Fabre products here

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