Wood Fired NH Maple Syrup

Produced on a 140 acre family farm in New Hampshire, Forestbound's wood fired maple syrup is some of the purest and most delicious that you'll find.

Over 200 old-growth maple trees are tapped to collect sap that flows only one time per year. The processing method developed by Wellinghall farm creates a unique all-natural maple flavor profile that is above and beyond anything you might find on the shelves of the grocery store.  

This amber syrup has a deep flavor and a buttery rich texture. It's the most versatile syrup grade and is a perfect choice for pouring on waffles or yogurt, for using in coffee or cocktails, or for adding to your homemade BBQ sauce.

Materials: 100% Grade A pure maple syrup

Made by: Forestbound

Made in: New Hampshire, USA

Specifications: 8oz bottle; vegan & gluten free

Use: Refrigerate after opening.

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