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Lovisa Bath Brush

A more sustainable alternative to plastic bath brushes, Iris Hantverk's Lovisa Bath Brush is made with soft and durable horse hair on an oiled oak wood handle. The densely tied bristles produce a good lather and the oblong wooden handle is comfortable in the hand. 

A hanging hole allows the brush to air dry, a necessity for any brushes made of natural materials. 

Materials:   oil-treated oak wood, horse hair 

Made by:  Iris Hantverk

Made in:  Sweden

Specifications:  6.7" x 2.8" x 1.6" 

Care:  A brush made of natural materials will last longest if it is allowed to dry out between uses. Over time, wooden brushes exposed to water may experience oxidation, causing dark spots to appear on the wood. This does not affect the performance of the brush. 

Further Reading: Iris Hantverk brushes are manufactured in small workshops where adults with visual impairments are trained in traditional Swedish brush binding techniques. Their brushes combine good design with quality, natural materials and solid craftsmanship.

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