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Long Darners

Repairing holes in knit garments like sweaters and socks is accomplished through a process called darning. Darning involves weaving over the hole using a needle and thick thread.

These darning needles are longer than a typical sewing needle and have long eyes suitable for thick thread or yarn. They are an ideal tool for darning socks or other knits and are also helpful with other mending projects where a larger needle and thicker thread are needed. 

Ten needles of varying size are housed in a turned wooden case that will fit nicely in your sewing kit or drawer. 

Made by: Merchant and Mills

Made in: England

Specifications: 10 needles in a wooden case

Further Reading:  Mending our clothes is an important part of making it last for us. When we can fix our clothing, we extend its longevity and keep it out of the waste stream and landfills for longer. 

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