Linen Cotton Anklet

Nishiguchi Kutsushita's Linen Cotton Anklet combines the crisp breathability of linen with the softness of cotton. The result is a sock that has the classic light & dry texture of linen for comfort in warm weather.

Materials: 55% linen, 37% cotton, 7% polyester, 1% elastane (spandex)

Made by: Nishiguchi Kutsushita

Made in: Japan


Small fits US men's sizes 5-7 and US women's sizes 6-8.

Large fits US men's sizes 9.5-12 and US women's sizes 10.5 - 13. 

If you are in between sizes, we recommend sizing up.

Further Reading:Nishiguchi Kutsushita is a Japanese sock company established in 1950. They are dedicated to creating products of incomparable value using only the finest quality natural materials and timeless designs.


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