La Compagnie Du Kraft Refillable Leather Journal

Le Kraft

The interior pages are perforated, 100% undyed kraft paper, made from the pulp of virgin fibers of maritime pine - "virgin" meaning it comes from fresh sources instead of recycled waste paper. To make pulp and paper from virgin, non-bleached fiber, Le Kraft integrates raw materials. These include the by-products from the maintenance of forests (branches and tops of trees, and wood thinning) and wood processing (falls and sawmill wastes) of the maritime pine lands of Gascogne.

Cuba Libre leather and the undyed kraft paper are 100% exclusively made in France; even though the names refer to the Cuban culture, a parallel made with the colors of the cigar wrappers, the leathers come from a century-old tannery in the Aveyron region. The treatment of the leather is exclusively vegetal with water (no chrome).

"La Compagnie du Kraft is the least productive producer of notebooks in the western world. You could say it’s what makes them special. They've been making notebooks for professional forest rangers and butchers since 1930. For guys with the hands of a lumberjack- they’re made for bruisers. But if you’re looking for a tough tool that almost nobody else has or uses, and your patience is as limitless as your love for life off the beaten track, then our indestructible notebooks are for you."

-Le Kraft

Materials: leather, recycled waste paper

Made by: Le Kraft

Made in: France

Specifications: 5.8" wide x 8.3" tall (A5 paper size); 120 pages (60 sheets)


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