Kaweco Standard Converter

Converters are essentially reusable, refillable cartridges for fountain pens. They are meant to be filled with bottled ink, replacing disposable cartridges. As such, using a converter and bottled ink with your Kaweco fountain pen is a great zero-waste alternative to disposable pens or cartridges!

This standard-sized converter is meant for use with the Kaweco Perkeo fountain pen. We also sell a mini-converter that is perfect to use with the Kaweco Sport pens. 

Materials: plastic, metal

Made by: Kaweco

Made in: Germany

Specifications: 2.95" long

Further Reading: Kaweco writing instruments have been made in Germany since the 1800's. Kaweco's focus on exceptional quality, timeless designs, and a low margin of tolerance results in a best-in-class writing experience. 

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