Kampot & Salt

Kampot pepper is a rare peppercorn from Southern Cambodia. After the pepper farming industry was destroyed during the Khmer Rouge genocide, pepper was rediscovered in the forests of Kampot and brought back to life. This pepper growing region is now protected by a Geographic Designation of Origin by the European Union for production of this fine pepper grown organically with the highest standards of quality.

This blend combines Kampot black pepper and traditional Cambodian flavors with Maine Sea salt to make a bright, refreshing blend perfect for rubbing into meat (such as steak) or for sprinkling on seafood after cooking. Also makes a killer salt rim for margaritas! 

Ingredients: Maine sea salt, Kampot pepper, ginger, lime, tarragon

Made by: Curio Spice Co.

Made in: MA, USA

Specifications: 2.7 oz


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