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German Incense Cones

Crafted by a family-owned company in Germany with more than 150 years of experience, these incense cones are made with carefully guarded recipes. Natural, fragrant ingredients such as tree resins, roots & bark, fragrant blossoms, and aromatic spices are freshly ground, gently dried, then pressed into cones.

The result is an incense cone that releases these natural essences with a fragrant burn.

Materials: cone incense 

Made in: Germany

Specifications: 24 cones, each approx. 1" tall

Are you looking for incense cones to fit our Smoking Woodsman Incense Burner? These cones will work, but we recommend using our Mini German Incense Cones. The smaller cones will produce more visible smoke due to the increased airflow inside the burner. 

Use: Light the incense cone at the tip and let it burn in a smoker or on another fireproof surface. 

Never leave burning incense unattended! Keep out of reach of children and pets. 

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