Flax + French Clay Complexion Soap

SallyeAnder’s Flax & French Clay Complexion Soap is a blend of acne-busting oils and fatty acids and impurity absorbing clay to promote vitality and tone.

Materials:Olive oil blend, flaxseed oil and french clay

Made in: New York, USA

Specifications:5 oz.

Further Reading: This unlikely-sounding combination is an extraordinarily effective treatment for adults and teens whose skin is prone to acne breakouts. SallyeAnder Flax & French Clay Complexion Soap brings deep cleansing and healing properties to bear on troubled skin. Flaxseed contains natural oils and fatty acids that greatly benefit oily skin whose clogged pores are likely breeding ground for acne. In addition, flax has omega-3 fatty acids to speed healing and moisturize naturally, preventing skin from drying out. Working together, flax and French clay absorb impurities, remove dead cells and stimulate circulation. They strengthen skin, promote vitality and tone. The result is a facial complexion that’s noticeably smoother, the skin is more vibrant and pores are smaller. It doesn’t take harsh chemicals to get rid of adult and teenage acne, just this one natural bar. Like all SallyeAnder soaps, Flax & French Clay gives you up to two months of excellent skincare. For adult and teenage acne.

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