Deck of 120 A7 Memo Cards

Foglietto cards are designed to function as colorful time & task management tools, perfect for keeping you organized at home, school, or work. 

Tuck them into journals & books for use as multi-purpose bookmarks, stick them to the fridge with magnets for visibility, or pop them in a pocket or bag for on-the-go accountability. Paired with colorful washi tape, they can also function as part of a kanban board. They're more durable than a sticky note because they're made with heavier card stock, which is recycled and recyclable. 

In this deck of single-color 120 A7 memo cards, you'll find 20 to-do list cards, 20 dotted cards, 20 cards with ruler, 20 blank cards, 20 lined cards, and 20 grid cards. Choose all-white or all-beige cards. 

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Foglietto cards also fit perfectly on our Mini Clipboard

Materials: 96 lb white or beige Italian cover stock (80% recycled and 20% from FSC-certified sources)

Made by: Foglietto

Made in: France

Specifications: 120 cards in six designs (20 of each design); A7 (3" x 4")

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