Deck of 120 A7 Memo Cards - Organizzazione

Foglietto cards are designed to function as colorful time and task management tools, perfect for keeping you organized at home, school, or work. 

Tuck them into journals and books for use as multi-purpose bookmarks, stick them to the fridge with magnets for visibility, or pop them into a pocket or bag for on-the-go accountability.

The fun, eye-catching colors make them hard to ignore, and they'll last longer than sticky notes or paper because they're made with heavy recycled card stock. 

In this deck of 120 A7 memo cards, you'll find 40 cards in each of three designs: a dot grid, a to-do list, and a ruler note card. 

Keep your cards organized with the Foglietto Solid Wood Storage Box, or shop for other compatible decks here.  

Foglietto cards also fit perfectly on our Mini Clipboard

Materials: 96 lb Italian cover stock (80% recycled and 20% from FSC-certified sources)

Made by: Foglietto

Made in: France

Specifications: 120 cards in three designs (40 of each design); A7 (3" x 4")

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