DE Blade Pack, 50 count

These blade replacements are compatible with all double-edge safety razors but are designed specifically to be used with the Leaf Razor. Made of pure steel, these blades will provide a smooth and close shave without the waste of disposable plastic cartridges. 

Material:Stainless Steel

Made by: Leaf Shave

Made in: Designed in Pittsburgh, Made in Taiwan 

Specifications: 50 blades / 100 Edges

  • Directions for loading Leaf Razor:
    1. Option to load 1, 2, or 3 blades into the razor
    2. Snap double edge blades in half (keep blades in paper for protection)
    3. Place halved blades on razor head using grooves/magnets to hold in place
    4. Once desired number of blades is loaded, turn dial on razor head to secure.

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