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CinnaMint No. 7 Toothpicks

A dozen white birch toothpicks infused with a warm and spicy flavor that is classic and welcoming, tucked neatly into an amber glass flask. Sweetened with a touch of peppermint, not sugar, and a note of clove, this is a timeless recipe.

All of Daneson's blends are made with authentic extracts and essential oils. What may seem like a simple flavour, in this case Cinnamon, is actually a blend of many natural cinnamon bark and leaf oils that are balanced out with other ingredients like cassia and peppermint to make a well rounded recipe.

We also stock Daneson toothpicks in Bourbon and Mint flavors. 

Materials: American northern white birch, natural flavorings, glass tube with cork stopper

The flavoring component of this product does not contain any peanuts or tree nuts itself. However, the flavoring is processed in a facility where there may contain peanuts or tree nuts. There is also the possibility for it to be processed on the same equipment with peanuts or tree nuts.

Made by: Daneson

Made in: Toronto, ON, Canada

Specifications: 12 toothpicks per tube

Use: Daneson's toothpicks are purposely seared on one end in their proprietary production process. This has the added benefit of distinguishing a Daneson from the average toothpick. When you use a Daneson, we recommend having the seared tip facing outwards.

Further Reading: For every one tree made into toothpicks Daneson is planting one hundred in its place through a partnership with Plant-It 2020

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