Mihoko Seki Chromos Water-Activated Seals

In the 19th century, chromos were colorful seals that could be adhered to papers and stationery with water, like an early version of a sticker.

These whimsical chromo seals feature the designs of Japanese artist Mihoko Seki. They can be cut out and adhered to surfaces by activating the adhesive on the back with water.

The seals are embossed with a glossy outline, giving them a slightly three-dimensional effect. 

Materials:  paper with gloss finish, water-activated adhesive

Made by:  Classiky

Made in:  Japan

Specifications:  6.8" x 9.8" (17.3 × 24.8cm)

Use:  Cut out the design you'd like to use with small, sharp scissors. Turn the seal over and apply a thin layer of water to the back using a small paint brush or a clean rag, to activate the adhesive. Press firmly onto paper and allow to dry. 

Further Reading: Classiky is a Japanese brand featuring traditional, hand-made items for the home and office. 


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