Copper Cloth, Set of 2

Bürstenhaus Redecker

Thorough enough to clean off the toughest layer of stuck-on food but gentle enough not to damage your cookware. Perfect for pots, pans, sink, stove, glass and high grade steel. Clean rust off of knives and other kitchenware, or even bikes, cars, motorcycles and more. 

Materials: woven copper fiber

Made by: Burstenhaus Redecker

Made in: The Netherlands

Specifications: 6" x 5.5"

Further Reading: Copper, a soft metal, is an ideal scrubber - the copper-threads will gently remove even the most persistent dirt without scratching the surface. Perfect for pots, pans, stove-tops, glass, enamelware and steel. Each cloth is double layered for extra strength. Extremely long-lasting and machine washable in a lin-sack or sock. Not for use on teflon. 

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