Brunch Knife

The quintessential breakfast tool, Opinel's brunch knife will do dual duty with its unique blade. The gently curved shape and rounded end are ideal for spreading jams, jellies, butter, and cream cheese, while the serrated part of the blade is ideal for splitting scones and English muffins. 

Materials: stainless steel, beechwood

Made by: Opinel

Made in: France

Further Reading: Opinel has manufactured knives and quality tools in the heart of the French Alps since 1890. Their simple, functional and smart pocket knife, with its characteristic design, has become a globally recognized design icon over the years. Today the brand provides its know-how in other areas such as knives and tools for the garden, for the kitchen and table, for outdoor activities, and for children. The family-owned company is based in Chambery (Savoie-France). 

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