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Bottle Cleaning Brush with Wood Grip

Redecker makes a few bottle cleaning brushes but we like this one for its unique wooden handle that's attached perpendicular to the brush. Designed to be slipped between two fingers and tucked into the palm, it offers an alternative grip for anyone who may struggle to grasp traditional bottle brush handles, or for anyone who prefers the feeling of a sideways handle. 

A head made of woolen yarn is good for sudsing up the inside of glasses and bottles while the bristles gently scrub. 

Materials: beechwood, bristles (from pigs), wool

Made by:  Bürstenhaus Redecker

Made in:  Germany

Specifications:  13.5" long x 3.4" wide (handle); bristles are 2" diameter

Further Reading:  Bürstenhaus Redecker is a BGS legacy brand. We've been carrying their products in our shops since the beginning. The first Redecker brushes were made in 1935. Since then, Redecker has expanded their offerings to include a variety of useful household tools. Through the years they have remained true to their commitment to combine natural materials with good design and functionality.

We invite you to shop our entire selection of Burstenhaus Redecker products.

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