Weck 776 Barrel Jar

There's a lot to love about this big and beautiful 3L Jar. The 776 Barrel Jar is the largest jar in the Weck lineup. The unique shape offers ample storage with the classic round opening for easy access. The Barrel Jar is the perfect size for storage or crafts, and is a workhorse in the pantry — use it for flour, grains, beans, or even kimchi! 

Materials: glass, rubber, stainless steel

Made by: Weck

Made in: Germany


volume: 3L (101.4 oz)
size: 9 1/2″ H x 3 7/8″ D
contents: includes 1 jar, 1 glass lid, 1 ring, and 2 clamps

If shopping for lid alternatives likewood,cork orkeep fresh covers, or replacementglass lids andrubber rings, select lid sizeLarge.

Use: To open, remove the clamps, glass lid and rubber gasket. To seal, place the rubber gasket on the bottom side of the glass lid, press on top of the jar, use the clamps to seal shut.

Further Reading: The J. Weck Company was founded in Germany at the turn of the last century. Only Weck Jars feature their signature strawberry trademark—accept no substitutions! 

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