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The Boston General Store Team

April Gabriel


Hometown: Houston, TX
Favorite Weekend Activity: Gardening, reading, searching for vintage or just spending time with my husband and baby.
Favorite Food: Crawfish Boil
Favorite Cocktail: I'm more of a wine gal.
What April does at BGS: "Find new products and projects for the shop and a little bit of everything else"
Fun Fact: I have a weird fascination with abandoned homes. I want to save them all (and i've done a bit of breaking and entering).


Michelle Coate
Dedham Manager and Social Media


Hometown: Pembroke, MA
Favorite Weekend Activity: Making ceramics and exploring outside
Favorite Food: Fish Tacos
Favorite Cocktail: Anything with tequila 
What Michelle does at BGS: "I do a little bit of everything, I like to think I play a creative role"
Fun Fact: When I brush out my hair I look like Hagrid.


Kyle Roldan
Brookline Manager and Product Research



Hometown: Chelsea, MA
Favorite Weekend Activity: Flea Market Hopping
Favorite Food: Burritos
Favorite Cocktail: Beer
What Kyle does at BGS: "I look after the shop"
Fun Fact: I love Cheers

Mary-Kate "MK" Parkhurst
Sales and Merchandizing




Hometown: Richmond, VA
Favorite Weekend Activity: Running
Favorite Food: BBQ, Duh!
Favorite Cocktail: I'm actually a Downeast Cider girl
What MK does at BGS: "I wear many hats... merchandizing, educating people on our brand, a creative lady helping to move the brand forward"
Fun Fact: One time I had to hitchhike in Poland at 6 am 


Olive Gabriel
Shop Dog


Hometown: Dedham, MA
Favorite Weekend Activity: Catching up on ZZZZ's
Favorite Food: Blocks of manchego cheese
Favorite Cocktail: Kibble infused water
What Olive does at BGS: "I greet customers and demand attention...woof"
Fun Fact: "My new favorite person is baby Able"

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