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Graza Olive Oil - Sizzle

Sizzle is 100% Extra Virgin cooking oil. It’s made from peak season olives that yield a more mellow flavor. Use it every day, in every way. 

Perhaps you've heard that EVOO isn’t for cooking. But Sizzle was born for the heat. Made with super stable Picual olives grown in Jaen, Spain, it's still 100% extra-virgin, but has a more mellow flavor because the olives are picked in November and December when they are more mature. 

For a bolder-flavored oil suitable for finishing and dipping, try Drizzle. 

Materials: oil derived from 100% Picual* olives

Made by: Graza

Made in: Spain

Specifications: 25.4 oz. (750 mL)

Use: If you would put it in or on top of an oven, use Sizzle. Chicken Cutlets, Sheet Pan Veggies, Fried Rice, or even in Chocolate Chip Cookies! You name it, Sizzle sizzles it.

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*Graza uses single origin Picual olives from Jaen, Spain. The oil from this fruit is extremely high in Polyphenols and also has the longest shelf stability & free-acidity stability of any olive varietal.

Graza oil is produced on organic farms. Their product is non-GMO certified and is packed in facilities that are certified allergen and gluten free. 

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